Two of the published papers which I have written on the subject of kinetic paintings are available to read here. RHYTHMS, The Aesthetics of Electronic Painting was written for the Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art held in Rotterdam The Netherlands, September 16-20, 1996. And, TECHNOLOGY, ABSTRACTION AND KINETIC PAINTING was written for the Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. November 3-7, 1993.

In August of 1998 the Swedish government sponsored an Exhibition of the work of seven Palestinian artists. There was much that was good and some that was unfortunate, but the hard-cover book accompanying the show deserves severe criticism. The book is titled Palestinian Art and is written by the curator of the show, Mr. Ulf Thomas Moberg. My review is in two parts: Part I: Why The Review Was Written explains what we artists experienced in Stockholm at the hands of the organizers; Part II: Correcting Misconception and Ignorance evaluates the weaknesses of the book and presents corrective material.

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