Traditional Three Dimensional Illusions

Three Apples and a Persimmon

This self portrait was developed online during march of 1995. I posted it while still a line sketch. Every four nights I would work more on it.

This painting is titles "Flowers from MaryAnn". MaryAnn is deeply interested in art on the Web. We exchange ideas. It is fun. One day she sent me these flowers. They were so beautiful. Both they and my memory of them faded; but there remains this drawing and a certain essence in my heart.

This is the (TRI) triangular traffic island which divides West Broadway (BE) below (CA)Canal in my neighborhood of TRI-BE-CA in New York City. One night as I walked up to SOHO I saw how beautiful the trees looked illuminated by the city lights. I came home and drew this from fresh memory. It too can fade.

If you wish to know a bit about my thoughts on painting read "An Aesthetic View." and/or the essay "Abstraction and Illusion." To learn about me read the "Short Biography" or the "Long Biography" or"The Resume."
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