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In 1995 a group of artists purchased the internet domain name etoy.com. Two years later, 1997, an online toy store bought the domain name eToys.com. This year eToys.com has chosen to sue etoy.com for the use of the domain name. In an initial hearing, a judge in Los Angeles has sided with eToys.com and forced etoy.com to shut down its website, discontinue use of the name etoy.com, and prohibited the artists from selling their work in the United States.

See how art.net has been fighting for your rights since 1996.

Do you want the internet to become one giant shopping mall where free speech and artistic expression are tolerated only as long as they don't threaten corporate profits? If not, then now is the time to make your voice heard. Do not shop at eToys. Write to your friends and to the media, alerting them of eToys' attempt to suppress internet art.

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As I was showing off my Studio to my six year old son Ricky, he said "I want to draw a picture for your show dad"

He sat down in front of the computer and diligently spent about an hour locked away creating. He came in the front room and said "I'm done, dad!"

I felt obliged to display it here but I was a little reluctant because it's better than most of the pictures in my Studio.

See Ricky's picture

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