From left to right and top to bottom: ( file size in italics)

"In My Room" 173379 ---Digital images of my office and a bit of manipulation.

"Coyote Nights" 71343 ---A quick sketch of the trickster and "Auto Van Gogh."

"Ghost Dancers" 94952 ---Dancers drawn in crayon, shadow and surface texture applied.

"Shrooms" 65481 ---Mushrooms painted with a sponge.

"7 Kokopellis" 84165 ---7 flute players overlapping on a gradient background.

"The Sun Hermit" 35634 ---Camera shot of a friend distorted with "Liquid" brush.

"Frog Pond" 78342 ---Horizontal strokes for the water and vertical for the plants.

"Mudhead Brings Rain" 83482 ---Drawing of my favorite Kachina.

"Dark Thoughts" 88386 ---Digital images of me in classic "Hamlet" style.

"Cave Walls" 61294 ---Recreation of cave painting with scanned hand.

"Caligraphy" 73450 ---Stylized symbol - several manipulations later...

"Ofeelia" 119733 ---Collage with fish and insect images.

"Smogland" 54788 ---Hazy image created with a big city skyline.

"Dryad" 69352 ---Tree spirit caught in the branches.

"Grey Man" 78765 ---3D brushstrokes of a man smoking a pipe.

"Glass of Rocks" 101284 ---Round pebble shapes seen through frosty glass.


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