Legacy Series



As an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma I explore the richness of my Choctaw ancestors legends, tribal and ceremonial life. This series includes abstracts I feel best express the Choctaw spirit. I am strongly influenced by the struggle and endurance of the Choctaws as well as their ability to work towards building a strong foundation for our people's future. This series is a tribute to my great, great Grandmother for her extraordinary strength and spirit as she survived the treacherous journey from Southern Mississippi to what is now the Great Sovereign Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Today this journey is called the "Trail of Tears" I also dedicate this series to my Grandmother who in turn was the Matriarch, prized historian and storyteller of my family. (There are 111,867 Choctaws Worldwide.) Paintings represent part of the series.

Beginings, Mixed Media 32inX48in


Spirits, Mixed Media 32inX48in


Death, Mixed Media 32inX48in



Wind Dancer, Mixed Media 32inX48in


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