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All images in this display were created from found files, downloaded from various internet newsgroups, and manipulated with XV (version 3.00) employing various color/intensity adjustments, zooms, croppings and blurrings. No paint programs were used. Other than cropping, all changes made to the images were of a global nature. For most tiles, the naming scheme represents the evolution of files, with a descendent taking the name of its predecessor with either an additional character tacked on or the last character of the predecessor being incremented by one. This was an arbitrary system and isn't followed rigorously...Such is life.

The display

  • Small Tiles <100K
  • Medium Tiles 100K - 400K
  • Large Images 400K - 800K
  • Humongus Images >800K
  • Description of process used to create images
  • An assortment of Planets Ray-traced from my images by Gary Curtis
  • Thumbnails of selected larger images
    (warning...9 midsized inlined images, so it might take a while to load)

TILEs are intended to be displayed in XV Mirrored mode (either symmetrical or integer mirroring will work, although the latter will probably squish the images a little). If you click on either of the long thin images shown here, you will receive a demonstration of how it should look when mirror tiled, reduced to half normal size. The mirror tiling of the other TILE images is left up to you to figure out how (hint: if you use XV to display images, look under the DISPLAY pulldown menu...).

Please note:
all images copyright Mike Brutvan...please let me know if you would like to use them for any type of publication or other commercial use...

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