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Mike used to work at the space telescope science institute in baltimore, md, where there were a fair number of unused cpu cycles at his disposal, as long as he wasn't obnoxious about it. This situation has changed, however. After the threat of impending layoffs at STScI got a little to scary, Mike headed out into the so-called "real world" where he realized he wanted back in to the Ivory Tower. He currently works at Cornell University's Information Technology division where life is still unsettled but at least offers a number of good perks. He is a member of the Developer Support team which is contained within the Information Resources department of CIT.

Before having a work life, Mike went to school at colgate university where he majored in astronomy and computer science, which didn't leave a hell of a lot of time for art. Nonetheless, he did manage to co-edit the mage (colgate's now sadly defunct science fiction magazine), win an art contest he'd entered as a joke with an enormous photocopy collage, and periodically insert large lawn sculptures into pre-existing displays in such a way as to not be noticed (and thereby removed) for several weeks.

Before this, Mike spent his childhood in the sleepy upstate new york town of binghamton, where all of his later tendencies were nurtured and encouraged.

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