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l-career Professionally:
I have wondered around for many years, working in most aspects of media production (though mainly design and still photography), but had never quite found the exact area that satisfied me. Then about 14 years ago (at the start of the personal computer revolution), I decided that I wanted to see if the digital field was the area to explore.

Similarly, I seemed to spend most of my time exploring color and form (in both photography and kinetic sculptures), again never quite finding my niche.

I could see the possibilities even in those first small personal computers to explore new directions in my art. But to do this I felt that I needed to fully understand the process that was happening inside the computer -- to fully appreciate the complexity of this evolving field. So, while exploring digital art over the ensuing years, I have also been studying the various technical aspects of computing.

All told:
I must have done fairly well. For the last seven years, I have been dealing with various aspects of systems and network administration., on a variety of platforms and in a variety of circumstances (research, education, design and scientific oriented). Presently, I am Systems Manager for the UBC Pulp and Paper Centre.

I also operate my own design firm (bdmc digital) dealing in digital design issues (including web design and management)

The trouble is, that the farther I go into the administration aspect of computing (which in reality covers most of the aspects of computing in general), the less time I seem to have for my art!

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