Kinetic Sculpture by Denny North

To view these short animations, allow each image to
load completely. Once all images are loaded, they should
reload quickly. Scroll through them by clicking on the image
repeatedly, using your center button works even better.

Tipsy, May 1993, Welded Steel, 7'x 4'x 4'

Tipsy is a large outdoor kinetic sculpture.
It moves when you walk up to it and push it
Clicking the image will do. Keep pushing
until you have all 5 images cached. Then you
can center click repeatedly on the image to
see how it moves.

Rehonor Thy Mother, January 1995
Welded Steel, 18" x 9" x 9"

This is a desktop version of Honor Thy Mother.
I made it for my friend Randy who graciously
allows me to use his warehouse as a studio.
The globe spins about its axis. About 8 clicks
will take you around the world.

Balance of Power, May 1993, Welded Steel, 9'x 5'x 5'

Balance of Power sits precariously awaiting
a curious passerby to investigate how it
exists. A gentle spin will give you every
vantage point of it, and several mouse
clicks will really get it going.

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