Honor Thy Mother

Honor Thy Mother

May 1993, Forged and Welded Steel
4' x 2' x 1'.

I love this sculpture, its my favorite work. I made it over the span of a couple of years. The sphere was originaly part of another piece called "Industrial Size Mousetrap" after the board game. I had fabricated it from a 12 inch pipe and filled it full of scraps and sent it down a roller-coaster track.

After rolling it and a few ideas around for a while, I conceptualized it as a globe. Then I beat it up for a few months with a pair of ping hammers to texture the oceans. Then I extracted the continents with an oxy-cetyline cutting rig. The slag left on interior surface is still reminiscent of earth's molten core.

The addition of the needle and thread for the axis put an exclamation point at the end of this statement. So I polished the top of the six inch diagonal post countering the tilt of the axis to a mirrored surface to give the viewer something to reflect about.

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