This year was rather slim art vice. I made only 6 piece made of metal and cast glass but I am still showing a lot. My only excuse for this "laziness" was that my so called in situ cancer came back and this time as invasive cancer in the same spot as the other non invasive cancer had been found and supposedly removed in 2001, Hum. So this year has been mainly occupied with 6 doses of chemo (TAC), operation, radiation and still continuing doses of Herceptin for at least a year in case there is any cancer left.

I have done all sorts of mental work and read and listened to numerous books. Beside tried various herbs, vitamins and minerals to boosts my immune system. Also light touch massage, therapy and accupunture. This has been a great time to get in touch with my neglected inner self. I am forever grateful for the year 2004. I have learned soooo much about what I can do mentally to help my body and what is vice for me to eat to gain back my health.


I have found out one important thing


We are all unique. It is impossible to say that one book holds the absolute right info for you or some herb and food formula is the " only way" to cure once body, but you can learn a lot by asking simply your own body what it needs throught hypnosis or muscle responce method called Kinesiology.


I highly recommend anyone sick or not to learn: self hypnosis, Energy healing (I learned fyrst Reiki and then Quantum Touch ) and the most important thing to learn to forgive things of the past and to love them selves.


My best source of mental self help material has been from

Caroline Myss.

During my chemo I would go to sleep listening to her questions and advises night after night, it triggering different things each night.

Audio Cassette: Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice

Now I use it rarely as I know what she asks me to do and do it automatically.


I Bend not Break

Steel and cast glass

~3 feet long and ~1 foot wide

Side image

technical back image


Me with Energy Seekers

Icelandic stones and metal




I with the work "The Road"

Wall work

(Work is indoor wall work not out door like shown here)

Picture taken at a two day out door sculpture show in May.

Steel and cast glass

More images to come.

Yours Art Truly

Stina : )