The Ruth Bankroft Garden


Here are some pictures of my work at that weekend garden show.

I'm also including some pictures of two of my friends work that also showed their work at his show.

Me at my table at the garden

Here are two more pictures from this angle showing artwork around me.



Blue and Yellow Form and Stone and Glass Bonding

See detail of Back of Stone and Glass Bonding taken at show.


Cone inside of a Cone

seen in front

See detail of that sculpture taken at the show


See also another picture taken from the other direction before I moved the sculpture One Off to the side of these pieces

One Off

picture taken at show.

Lot of people thought I had put jelly in the bowls and were wondering how hard the jelly was. The colors look very eatable that's true :)

see also pictures taken of

Self Form I-II

and Net Form from '93


Now take a look at my friends artwork

David Mudgett's and Richard Elpers


David's work is made of stones and mild steel


Rick's work is made of stone



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