Some of other Peoples Work in the Show Presence.

If you want to see them bigger click on picture

Nikki Schrager


Concrete and copper

Stan Huncilman

The Scholar Gypsy Artist

Painted steel



David Friedheim

Devil Butler

Painted steel



David Friedheim

-the large piece of mine does not have a title currently-the

label only says "work in progress"-it began in 1997 and has an odd

history-I was asked on vary short notice (less than a week) to build some

items to be used as a stage set for a dance performance in Carmel-among

other things I made this head and it was hung above the stage-some months

later I was asked again on very short notice to build something at least

15 feet tall for an event at the Fillmore theator in San Francisco so I

made the body to go under the head-some months after that I had some free

time to myself and I made the hands-so the piece has come about in an ad

hoc manor and I am not sure weather it is finished-david


Materials: Steel and light  


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