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 "Im Westen Nichts Neues"

Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970)

Smoke fired ceramic, sand, metal and plexiglass


Detail of

"Im Westen Nichts Neues"





 Detail of Ursula's sculpture

"Tears for Passing Things"

Virgil (70-19 BCE)

Clay cast glass with stones imbedded, ceramic and amunition cases 


Ursula's two main sculptures in the show

"Half Seeker" by Stina in front


"Half Seeker" closer 


Over view


Dawn's work on wall.

Ursula's work in the back


Dawn's  wallwork "Full"

Steel and wax


Detail of "Full



"Lamenting "



Close up of "Lamenting"


Different view


Back piece: "The Dream of the Earth"

Thomas Berry

stoneware clay


Front piece: "Spent Brass"

mixed media



Outside the gallery looking in

Wall work "Waiting" on glass window by Dawn


"Seekers" by Stina

Ceramic and clay cast glass 

99% reuse materials 


Dawn's "Waiting"

 Plastic and thread


Detail of



Dawn's " Waiting" on glass wall.

" Seekers" by Stina on pedastal


Ursula's in front

"Knowledge of Higher Worlds"


 "Knowledge of Higher Worlds"

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

stoneware clay


From the outside




Closeup of Dawn's wallwork "Colony"



Dawn's wallwork "Strands"

 Hand-woven wire, plastic, paint


Stina's Seekers ball series in front.

Wall work in back by Dawn Stetzel



Stina' "Seekers in Cross" in front

Ceramic and clay cast glass



"Growing Seeker" in front.

Stina's main sculpture in the show

Ceramic and clay cast glass

99% reuse materials like all her work.


Stina added two more section to it as the show went.



Ursula's in front

"Growing Seeker" now with 4 collums.


"Growing Seeker" now with 5 collums.


different view




"Fertility I and II"

Clay cast glass and ceramic.



Ursula's work in front

"Precious Stones"



"Precious Stones"

Earthenware clay, Big Sur pebbles


"Seekers in Cross" in front.

Dawn's and Ursula's work in back



"Half Seeker" by Stina in front

Ceramic, clay cast glass and metal


"Half Seeker" close up 


"Seeker in Line" and "Seeker in Cross" by Stina


View from Dawn's wallwork "Out or In"

Dawn's main sculpture in the show.



"Out or In"

Stoneware, forged mild steel


Closer shot of Dawn's wallwork


"Seekers are Low" and "Seeker against the Wall "by Stina


"Seeker against the wall"

Ceramic, clay cast glass and forged mild steel 

Stina's work

 "Boxed Seeker" in front

Ceramic and clay cast glass

Detail of Stina's

"Changing Seeker Confronting the Wall"

Ceramic and clay cast glass 


Detail of Seekers in Line looking over to  

"Changing Seeker Confronting the Wall"


View from "Seekers are Low"


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work photos,

more detail shoots



pictures from the opening

April 11th.

More coming

Stina with her son, Dawn holding Stina's daugher


Ursula makeing a gesture to the camera.


Ursula talking to a guest at the opening.


Dawn at opening.