At Mary White's Opening at the

John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis,


March 30th. - April 29th. 1999


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Kristin Gudjonsdottir mixed media sculptor and Mary White by one of Mary's light sculptures.



Mary with one of her students from San Jose State glass department

These sculptural water taps have glass "water" coming out of them and light inside



The houses are lit up with light bulbs

The closest house is called "Fun House #8" Made 1999 
It is made out of window pane, metal scraps and electrical fixture.
it is 75" high and 13" by 13" around.



Susan Plum, glass artist, by one of Mary's houses




The band at the opening





Click here to see two water fountains by Mary White and Christina Bertea in a show at the

Art and Garden Festival 

(Peralta - Northside & Karl Linn Berkeley Community Gardens)