The farm that my mother grew up on in Iceland.

The little turf house on the left is about to fall. It used to hold the cows.The door to it has this wonderful simple door lock that I would admire as a kid. Many of the houses at the farm have other interesting doorlocks so I have made a specal page for just doorlocks that I have come a cross through the years.

The house to right was for drying clothing and storage. The water from the roof of it and the next one to it is collected and hand pumped into the farm to use for cleaning.

There is no other running water in the house or any of the animal houses. Clean water has to be gathered from a near by river with buckets. My mothers syster stayed at the farm as a hermit until '98 or for 17 years 73 years of age. There is no electicity in the house and the only heating is two small oil heaters. The once you can move around depending on where you are in the house and commonly used in summer houses.



This is one of the smaller turfhouses at the farm and used to hold calfs.




A mix of the old and new.

I like this strange compination of concrete and the old way of making walls out of turf and stone simply because the concrete part seems so desperate in trying to fit in.