In case anyone is interested:


The pictures were either scanned in using a UMAX Vista-S8 flatbed color scanner, or taken by a Kodak DC40 digital camera and after the fall '98 on a AGFA E Photo 1680 digital camera and now fall 2001 on a Olympus 4040C. Some of the really early pictures came from a PhotoCD disk. Any pictures from slides or articles that I have added since 2000 are now scanned with an Epson (expression) 1600.

Pictures were created and modified in Photoshop LE, 4.0, 5.5,7

The web site is still authored in Claris Home Page 3.0

Fancy text was created using QuickDrawGX fonts (not awailable any more) and LightningDrawGX.( a discontinued program from Laris Software)

Buttons or little logos that move were found searching the net using Netscape 4.7 and younger

The whole thing was done on a Power Macintosh G4. and now in system 10.


Using these tools, the job becomes remarkably simple.