The Show Bátsform

The show "Batsform" had three sculptures, along with black and white pictures of other works.

For this show I put slip (clay in liquid state) on the floor around the pieces. The slip cracks when it dries and creates a rugged outdoor athmosphere.

The three sculptures were:

Boat Form, Blue Boat Form and Pink Form


The black and white pictures on the wall

I like to take pictures of my work at the beach, which is also the source of many of my ideas.

I wanted to bring the feeling of a find on the beach into the gallery setting so I took some black and white photos of my work and showed them with few selected sculptures.This was somewhat similar to what I had tried with Neil Klein's photos in '94 just now my work was closer to nature. This reminded me of tools I saw while growing up.

See the text Not Knowing that went with the show

Form with Hole in Middle

clay and sand cast glass


Blue and Yellow Form

clay cast glass, clay left on surface, copper wire

2' x 1 1/4' x 1 1/4 '

Form with Loose Ends

clay cast glass, clay left on glass, copper wire

~ 3 Feet long

Pink Form

clay cast glass, clay left on glass and copper

1' x1' x 1'

Blue Form

 clay cast glass, clay left on glass and copper

3/4' x 3/4' x 3/4'

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