Some of the work I did in Gene Koss' Class

at Pilchuck Glass School


Copper tubes hold the metal rods in place. It was all cast together.

Aluminum foil on surface.

The form on the left inspired me to do Boat Form and Blue Boat Form

Copper holds the glass pieces together.



Sand on surface. Color comes from the copper scale. Dip in the middle of both pieces comes from a metal tube that was inserted into the sand mold and then taken away as soon the glass got stiff enough to hold the curve that the tube had created.




Copper wire goes through all the pieces.

Cast in one piece. I had a tall wood box. Put some sand in the bottom. Made my first form. The cone shape. Stuck the end of the copper wire into the mold as soon as I had poored into the shape.Let it sit a little put sand over it. made another shape. made sure the copper wire was in the middle of that shape. Poored again. did the same thing again and again until the box was full to the top with sand and glass. As soon as the top piece was cool enauch I emptied the box and hurried with the glass to a kiln to get it anniealed.



 Aluminum and sand on surface.

This piece is done the same way.

It was all cast together

More detail

you see the melted aluminum sheet and the sand


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