Here are a few places where I have work for sale.
This october (2022), I'm painting something spooky every day. You can get these paintings and other spooky paintings I've done in the last couple of years.
Daily Hoodies
Paintings of Mt Hood that I've been doing everyday.
You can get some of my paintings on hoodies & T-shirts!
For Birbtober I painted one every day, and then continued. Here are a whole bunch of bird paintings.
Protest Paintings
Scenes from the Protests in Portland and other places.
Quaranteen Doodles

Since self-isolating, starting the Ides of March, I've been making a doodle just about every day.

I started with the idea of doodling around with no preconceived idea and no expectations for how it turned out. The first one was a big success, so I kept going. There are now quite a few.

100 Celebrity Portraits
29 Portraits in 29 Days
Landscape Paintings
A lot more of my work -- landscape, figure, etc -- is on my Available page. You can see much of my available work, but there isn't an online store. Contact me to arrange a purchase.