The Maker Fair Organ
Making music with the sonic melee that is Maker Fair!

fig 1. Installation setup
Project Name: The Maker Fair Organ.
Project Description:

I propose to take the sounds of the Maker Fair and turn them into a playable instrument: the Maker Fair Organ. Here's how it works:
The instrument will be played in 4 modes:
Some technical details:
Figure 2 illustrates the tuning of the tubes: a tube closed at one end resonates at 1/4 wavelength (the fundamental), 3/4 wavelength (the first harmonic), and so on.

The following formulae derive the method of figuring out the length of the tube for a particular frequency (tuning the tube to the fundamental):
    Frequency = SpeedofSound / Wavelength  
    Wavelength = SpeedofSound / Frequency
    SpeedOfSound = 1130 ft/second in air at 20 degrees C. 
    Length = 1/4 Wavelength
    Length = 1/4 * SpeedOfSound /Frequency. 
So for a concert A pitch of 440 hz:
Length = 1/4 * 1130 ft/s / 440 hz = .642 feet
An A pitch one octave lower is 220 Hz:
Length = 1/4 * 1130 ft/s / 220 hz = 1.28 feet
Middle C: (261.6Hz):
Length = 1/4 * 1130 ft/s / 261.6 hz = 1.087ft
C2 (an octave below middle C): (130.813Hz):
Length = 1/4 * 1130 ft/s / 130.8 hz = 2.16ft
Installation Requirements:

My typical modus operandi is to make quiet sound art that runs the risk of getting drowned out in a noisy environment like the Maker Fair. (One of the taglines for my art is "So Subtle No One Noticed" :).

This installation is a clear departure from that aesthetic. It requires a noisy space to even operate, and it feeds sound back into the space.

The installation will need a fiarly open area where people can gather around to listen, as well as walk up to it and start playing with it. A little bit of space around it for musicians to play along would be helpful as well.

The system will be run with electronics that will be somewhat sensitive to the weather, though they will be enclosed. I can provide an "easy-up" canopy for the installation. And, finally, it will require standard AC power.