Hilbert Curve Coffee Table
Some sketches



Trying to figure out how a Hilbert curve fits together with copper pipes & simple elbow joints.

6-way Hilbert curve


One difficulty with a Hilbert curve is that the open ends of the pipe are at two adjacent corners of a square. This is what allows the subsections to be joined together to make higher-order units. However, I wanted the table top to be entirely connected. So I tried putting together 6 subsections instead of 4.
I also wanted to try having different subsections at different levels of detail. Here's how it came out (before adjustments):

Leg study.


I had an idea for a nice leg joint. In the end, it only worked on the corners with level 2 sections. There wasn't enough room for the T-joint on the level 3 sections.
And it turned out like this:

Moore curve shelf.


I was hoping to make the shelf a Moore curve. Took some sketching to figure out how it would work and how to make it connect together.
The final Moore curve was tweaked a bit. I had to adjust it to get the right aspect ratio to fit as the shelf. Plus there are six subsections again.