On Flirting w/ Virtue

evil is a woman.     evil
is a     woman. evil is     a woman
who wakes up every morning
but she never sleeps: she     has developed a
nervous tic     b/c she dreams of
you     too
        you're soooo good & wonderful
& so     full of
natural piety     even your
cock     is holy--
shit even I     would do you
in a second & since     evil
is a woman     wouldn't she do
the same?
            close your eyes &
count to 10: if you     can still
see after that     she will appear
like a Candygram--
                        slit her open
taste her     she is as warm as blood
& soft as a wound     can't hold back
can you?--     there she is     she is
beautiful & she hates you &
you do her     any/way     you
can do this b/c     she is
evil     & you are
      where are the virtuous women
you might ask?

                  they are afraid
of you b/c     you are soooo good
but you have evil's lip/stick     on your collar
& that's a     bad     sign
they think you've made love     w/ evil
but they     don't understand-you
don't make love     you rape her
b/c she is     evil     & that's
just what you do
                    when you leave
you feel better about     your/self
having had evil     who is a woman
hold you tight & put you in the right
& she is warm as     blood &
you can never
wash your collar w/ your whites--
b/c you raped     her but she     has made love

15 November 1993
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Sylvia Chong (schong@hooked.net)