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I went to Swarthmore College and Stanford University for my bachelor's and master's degrees, respectively, and up until June 1997, I was a high school English teacher in a public school in San Francisco. Although I love poetry, I have not had the energy to write any new in over a year. However, I hope to go back to graduate school soon in Literature and get re-inspired by great works of art. Writing haikus and name poems with teenagers just doesn't get my creative juices flowing!

What you see on these pages are the whole of my poetic opus, at least for now.

The poems are arranged by subject, and in chronological order within each category. I have tried to place the poems into groupings that reflect their mood, but ultimately, the poems are really a chronicle of my interactions with other human beings. Through poetry, I believe that we each can gain a greater perspective on our lives by viewing the life of another person, through their words. Even when reading my own works, I am conscious of the speaker of these poems as only the artistic distillation of some universal life experience.

Please feel free to copy these poems, unaltered, for your own personal enjoyment. As a teacher, I feel that art's impact is in its distribution, and not its exclusivity. However, I retain all commercial rights to these poems, and cannot tolerate unauthorized commercial distribution. Plagiarism is evil!!!!!

If you have any comments or questions for me, feel free to contact me via e-mail at schong@hooked.net

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Sylvia Chong (schong@hooked.net)