Suite: Night/Dance in the Horizon

VI. Jig at the Edge of the Horizon

The Horizon

Fly             past speechless trees
and pulseless hearts and colourless skies
to meet the sun and the moon
      my wrists       my elbows       my knees
call out rhythms
that rise to the stars

                      to reach to the horizon first
is to resonate the twilight in your body

I love the taste of the
                      early morning dawn
that       spreads       the       red
against my
        the song is
        that of crickets and locusts
        clinging to the land

We beat together,
beat away the
        from my ankles
    my ankles are so
fine and

    I can even           taste
the chains
into the night air
                      and kiss good-night

I am nobody's dancing girl

When the red curtain breaks
    to let through
                      fields of deadened winter wheat
                      I'll be standing
on the other side
of the sky...

- line -

Courtier      V. Court Gavotte

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