The Storyteller

[Image of the storyteller]

(based on the book "The Storyteller," by Mario Vargas Llosa)

red hair ablaze
a man squats with a story
and slowly the world turns pink          

he squints from his
scar-face, leering at a
far away sight

his words are soft,
steady, full, blurring into
one another like rain

i could listen forever
hearing sights and smells melt,
then pour into my head

come with me, my friend,
he motions about,
i will make the world pink for you

you, who was born bloody red
but born into the darkness.
come into the light

with me, he says. his story
flies through the sky
ablaze like his wild hair

and i and all who hear the man
blink with fear and amazement
at he who brought pink to the world.

15 September 1992
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