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    2.22.2017 - Wednesday :

    Hi folks,

    Yesterday (Tues 2.21.2017) I created an "art show" of my art on via my home page there.

    Please see to see the show. Just scrowl down to Tues Feb 21 2017 postings to see the show.

    I was able to share the individual art works and share my thoughts on each painting I posted.

    What was also so nice about it was that people could view the several works I posted and they could like and comment on the works. I could then see what people thought and even determine which piece was the all time favorite. So cool to get immediate feedback on my art and the show.

    So if you are an artist, I highly recommend as a good place to have an art show.

    Also, another nice thing was that I was able to send personalized invites to my friends to see the show via the message feature on facebook.

    Definately an all around coolness event.

    I think that if you wanted to do an art show on facebook, you could create an "event" page to share your art so that the show would be separate from your timeline.
    Next time I may try this.

    One nice thing to note is that sharing art images via links on means that the art images can not be owned by facebook via copyright protections.

    If you get a chance to see the show, please leave comments and let me know what you think.



    Lile C. Elam
    Webmaster and Artist of Art.Net
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    12.9.2013 - Monday :

    Hi folks,

    Alot has happened since I last wrote on this blog.

    I discovered that reality may not be what it seems in the moment.

    Since I was young, I have experienced the signs of manic/depression and this has caused me to be inspirational but at the same time not the most successful person at persuing dreams.

    As I grow older, I am learning that I am just human. Life goes on and so must I. Over the years I have beem trying to help others share their art. And during this time I suffered a blip. My reality changed which caused me to loose a sense of being. I am now on meds which help me to ground in true reality.

    So for folks who have been trying to reach me, I am here. I am well. Please do not dispair. I have not given up. I am devoted to the cause.

    THanks for your patience.

    love and hugs,


    1.10.2013 - Thursday :

    Hi All,

    I will be hosting an Art Sale of original works this coming Sunday (Jan 13, 2012) from 11am - 8pm.

    Included will be framed watercolor paintings as well as oil paintings. Most of the works have been created by myself, the artist. I will also have some art works by other artists which I have acquired over the years. So there will be quite a lot of work to view.

    If you are interested in attending, please RSVP and you will be given the location.

    You can see the posting on CraigsList.Org via:

    I look forward to seeing you!



    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

    1.12.2010 - Tuesday (Afternoon- 2 pm 'ish):

    I have been dusting off the entrance to my studio space here on Art.Net. I just added an image of a painting that I did some time ago which I really like. It's entitled " The Sea". I gave the painting to my brother long ago and am just so glad that I have a digital image of it so that I can enjoy seeing the painting on the WWWeb.

    Seeing art on a computer screen brings art to light I think. The art becomes illuminated which creates a stained glass effect for this painting.

    To me, being an artist is all about sharing. It makes creating new art even more enjoyable when I can share what I have created. My brother loves this painting too and just knowing this enables me to value this art even more.


    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

    6.18.2009 - Thursday (Afternoon- 3 pm 'ish):

    Life as a Webmaster... am spending time updating old links to other sites here on Art.Net. Some artists have gone poof! while others have moved their sites to new domain names. Today I have been working on updating the links pages for Artist Studios here on Art.Net.

    If an artist site disappears (ie: the domain is no longer in existance or is for sale), I will do a google search for the artist to see if they are now located somewhere else on the WWWeb. Some times I find them and then sometimes I don't. Old links die and new ones take their place....

    Am also reading site email and responding when called to do so.

    Managing an Internet art site (such as Art.Net) is a wonderful task and I do enjoy it so. Searching the web for interesting artists and seeking out their art is one of my favorite tasks. And this task does keep me busy.

    It's amazing how the web has changed over the years. I founded Art.Net (with the help of artists) some 15 years ago and as one would expect, the explosion of artists now on the WWWeb is amazing. I recall the first WWWeb art site that I saw was the art archive of the Vatican in Rome. At that time I thought, wouldn't it be great to see the works of living artists on the WWWeb.

    Now it seems like there are so many fish in the sea, it's almost hard to even discover them all! I also love seeing how artists curate their spaces on the WWWeb. Some sites are pretty amazing... giving life to the art that is shown.

    When the WWWeb came into existance, I finally knew what I wanted to do in life (apart from being an artist!). I knew that I wanted to be a Webmaster even before the job existed. I was working as a Un*x Systems Admin and by 1994 had decided that this was the job for me!

    So Art.Net came into existance.

    Hopefully I can help artists to find the exposure for their art that they are looking for. It truly is something that I feel called to do.

    I do feel that every artist (who desires) has the right to be known. Hopefully Art.Net can help artists to obtain this goal.

    Life as a Webmaster goes on... ebbing and flowing as the oceans rise and fall, lapping upon the shores of this earth.


    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

    10.25.2007 - Thursday (early morning - 5amish):

    With the help of an artist friend and hacker, we installed a new operating system on babe, my new work station that we recently put together. I am now running the just released Ubuntu 7.10 which is one of the many distributions of Gnu Linux. I previously had tried to use FreeBSD 6.2 as a desktop system but was having major problems with pluggins that are now needed to see the Web of the 21st century.

    I have to say, it was one of the easiest OS installs that I have ever witnessed! And Ubuntu is geared towards being a desktop OS. I love FreeBSD which is great for servers but have to say Ubuntu is winning my heart on the desktop. :)

    Now I can see videos, hear sound, edit and create image files, and can even scan art on my scanner! I can also see sites that were not accessable before (due to networking issues) like and I am really impressed and happy with this upgrade.

    I am also so happy not to be using Microsoft Windows 98 (which is a proprietary software system) for my desktop OS. Ubuntu is totally Free Software and I much prefer using and supporting software that is truly free (Free as in Freedom and not as in "free beer" (as my friend Richard Stallman (also know as rms) would say).

    I know that having an updated system will really help me in getting more things done. Am so looking forward to continuing the work on Art.Net that was started so long ago.

    Babe is a great system and I so love having her on my desktop (which is really an art desk by the way :).

    Wish us luck and hope that good things come our way.



    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

    9.22.2007 - Saturday 11:48pm:

    So I have been working on my new system (babe is her name) and it's amazing how fast she is. It's wonderful to be able to surf the web with lightspeed. I have been viewing the art I have in my studio here on Art.Net and it inspires me to paint again. Thats a good feeling.

    Seeing the ocean also reminds me how much I love the ocean and that I really need to get there again sometime in the near future. I live so close yet it's been way too long since I have walked on a beach.

    I am also looking forward to getting some work done for Art.Net. Things have piled up for awhile and it will be good to get moving on this site. Thank goodness for Art.Net. It really is a great site and I am just so glad that she's here.

    My eyes are not what they used to be... so having a better monitor to see with really makes a difference.


    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

    9.20.2007 - Thursday 2:15am:

    I am pretty excited... I have a new home system for my desktop. A fellow artist helped me build this PC... and it's fast and quiet! Am hoping that it will help inspire me to get more work done.

    I called my new system babe. :) She definately is one... has a really fast AMD cpu, 2 gig of ram, and a 300 gig disk. I also got a cd/dvd drive that can read and write cd's. And finally I also have a new 22 inch flat screen Samsung monitor which is just wonderful. It's alot easier on my aging eyes!

    We installed FreeBSD 6.2 on this system and I am enjoying gnome, a free windowing system that has almost anything you could need, built in (including the FireFox web browser).

    With this newer system, I should be able to see and do more things on the Internet and the Web than ever before.

    And I was able to build this system for just under $400... minus the monitor which was $310 itself.

    It's good to be back in the virtual 21st century! :)


    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

    9.16.2006 - Saturday Early Morning 2:16am:

    Well I have not forgotton my new blog... well maybe just abit, so I thought that I should post something here to let the world know that I am indeed still here. :)

    Today has been busy for me... life is like that. Apart from taking care of my own personal tasks, I was working on making sure that Art.Net came back online today. For the first time our colo-location site was dealing with power issues and many of the machines were powered down while work was being done. After much concern, trace routing and pinging on my part, Art.Net finally came back up on the net. It's good to be live again.

    During the downtime, I spent alot of time reading about the arts and artists of old on the Internet (mostly via It's interesting to read how new art trends have started in the past... most were inspired by artists taking ideas from what has been done and adding their own insights and ideas to what they created. I spent alot of time reading about the impressionists and their movement. Really interesting... especially how artists shared their works in salons and places that were not recognized as places where art that mattered would be shown.

    Artists are really the visionaries of our tomorrows.

    For now, I will sign off. Will try and add more entries as the days go by.


    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

    8.6.2006 - Sunday Afternoon 3:20pm:
    First entry to this blog...

    Today I have been working on getting our site, Art.Net, added to Art Directories on the Web.

    While searching for sites that might link to us, I have been amazed by the number of art sites I am finding on the web. It's like there has been an art explosion that has been happening over the past few years. Prehaps I have had my head in the sand for awhile and have just not noticed the growth...

    I have been working as the webmaster of our site since it came into being in June of 1994. When Art.Net came online, it seemed that there were very few living artists showing their works on the web. As I worked with artists to help them come online, I found that many were very timid and concerned about showing their art on the Internet and web... thinking that they would loose control of it's distribution.

    Now today it's like all the artists are taking to the waters like native fish! :)

    It's good to see really even though it may be overwhelming.

    Well better get back to work..


    Lile Elam
    Webmaster of Art.Net

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