2nd Week of November 2002

The Bugbear Virus

This limited edition series of ATCs (artist trading cards) was created for a swap for the mailart group: ma-network. The design was inspired by a recent email I received that was infected with the Bugbear worm and quarantined by Norton AV. The email contained the French text that is on the card. I ran the words through the babelfish translator and included the English translation on the card. I really liked the imagery of the words but I still can't find a perfect definition for "couette." I believe it means a bed or blanket. The choice of a cuckoo in the text of a virus email was appropriate and also reminded me of an excellent book I once read about computer security and hackers called "The Cuckoo's Egg." The cuckoo is one of my favorite birds due to it's sneaky egg tactics.

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