I take boring pictures.

I know it. But if I had to make something up: The photographs are about color and light, the kind of light that you usually see but don't notice. Soft, diffuse, barely visible light and shadow. The lighting of the unextraordinary. I also like the contrast of flash lighting, equally unextraordinary, but hard edged and cutting, almost creating essentially a drop shadow for elements in the shot. A lightning flash of a moment, cracked and stored. Most are two colors, with pools of opposing colors in each. They are what happens when the things you buy get used. They are so familiar. They're about converging lines and often triangles.

They're a catalog of my life.

John Register, Andre Kertesz, Mark Rothko, and Pottery Barn.

I also have a gallery at where members can comment on my photos. Most of them don't really like my photography. You should join and give me good comments for a change.