Multi Player SimCity for X11 is now available from DUX Software!


SimCity, the original award winning city simulation game from Maxis Software, now runs on powerful Unix workstations with X11! DUX's implementation of SimCity for Unix was awarded product of the year 1992 by Unix World in the January 1993 issue, and reviewed in the April 1993 issue. Now it's souped up, works with standard X11 servers, and even supports networked multi user collaboration! Multi Player SimCity is designed to be a fun cooperative educational experience!

SimCity is a colorful animated interactive system simulation game, providing a set of rules and tools for planning and building a complex dynamic simulated city. Several people on different X11 workstations can participate in the same city, cooperating and coordinating their actions across the network.

Working together, you can zone land use, hook up the power grid, build roads, bridges, parks and stadiums, raise taxes, and even summon disasters, causing the city to grow and thrive, or crumble and die. It's a creative, entertaining way to develop your political skills!


SimCity runs on Silicon Graphics Irix, SPARC SunOS, and other Unix workstations. You can play it locally or over the network on most 8 bit color or monochrome X11 displays, like NCD X terminals. And you can hear it on standard sound devices, and NCD's NetAudio server.


SimCity supports but doesn't require the X11 shared memory and shaped window extensions, and a local sound device or NetAudio server. And you can turn off the sound so your boss doesn't know you're playing!


Multi Player SimCity for X11 sports the Motif look and feel, implemented using the efficient TCL/Tk toolkit. It features multiple city editors and maps with overlays, fast colorful animation, engaging sound effects, easy to use pie menus and direct manipulation interaction, simultaneous multi player editing, communication and annotation facilities, and voting dialogs for group decision making. It includes eight challenging scenarios and a library of interesting cities.


Multi Player SimCity is available directly from DUX Software, and via anonymous ftp from (, in the directory "vendor/dux/SimCity". You may freely copy it, and play the fully functional game in "demo mode" on one display without a license, but the city melts every 5 minutes. If you enjoy SimCity, you can buy a license over the phone by credit card, without leaving your seat! A single player license lets you save and restore your cities, and play for as long as you like on one display; a multi player license lets you play SimCity with your friends over the net!



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Phone #: 1-800-543-4999 or 1-415-967-1500, FAX #: 1-415-967-5528



X11 SimCity Copyright (C) 1993 by DUX Software Corporation. Unix implementation and multi player user interface by Don Hopkins, DUX. Based on the original SimCity concept and design by Will Wright, MAXIS. SimCity is a registered trademark of Maxis Software.