User Reference Card

Included in the SimCity box is the User Reference Card, which includes the System Information and Reference Card, the Keyboard Reference Chart, the Zone Evolution Chart, and the City Dynamics Chart. They're reproduced on the following pages of this manual for reference, just in case somebody's nicked the card.

The System Information and Reference Card gives hardware and software requirements particular to this version of SimCity.

The Keyboard Reference Chart gives a summary of all the keyboard controlled functions and shortcuts.

The Zone Evolution Chart shows the various levels of development and decline of residential, commercial and industrial zones. The level of development depends on the land value and population density. Use this chart along with the Query function to identify and gather information on individual zones.

The City Dynamics Chart lists the factors of city life and growth and shows how they interrelate. Use this chart to guide you in designing your city. It will help you find solutions to the Sims' complaints, and to problems you discover from the maps and graphs.

System Info and Reference Card

Hardware Required

SimCity requires a SPARC workstation with an 8 bit color graphics display, and at least 16 Meg of memory.

Software Required

You need to have SunOS 4.1 or later, with the shared memory option enabled, and OpenWindows V3 installed. There should be at least 3.5 Meg of space in "/tmp" or some other local file system. SimCity uses HyperLook 1.5 and the Elan License Manager, both of which are included.

Installing SimCity

Run "/usr/etc/extract_unbundled" to extract SimCity from floppy disks. Then run the script "InstallSimCity" from the shell, and answer the questions. It will configure and install the SimCity startup scripts.

Getting a License Key

After installing SimCity, run the script "GetKey" to get a key. If you don't, SimCity will run in demo mode. You should call DUX Software at +1 800 543-4999 and tell us your server code, and we'll tell you the key. SPECIAL BONUS: We'll also tell you SimCity Tip #1: EMBEZZLING FUNDS.

Starting SimCity

To start SimCity normally, run the script "SimCity". Also, the following scripts start SimCity in different modes:


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Keyboard Reference Chart

There are several keyboard shortcuts in SimCity. Keep the keyboard reference chart handy.

The following keys work with any SimCity window, the same as they work with the other windows on the desktop:

The following keys are only applicable when the cursor is in the Edit Window:

The following keys temporarily switch editing tools, while you are holding them down. When you release the key, the tool changes back to what it was before:

Zone Evolution Chart

Zone Evolution Chart

City Dynamics Chart

City Dynamics Chart

Trademarks and Logos

Trademarks and Logos