End The Drug War This Year? Yes!!


The politicians are taking away our therapeutic drugs. They are taking away our privacy. They are taking away our Bill of Rights. They are taking away our neighbors, and they are charging us up to $50,000 a year to keep them locked up. Don't wait until they come to take you away. Act Now!

A growing number of prominent Americans are declaring their opposition to the futile and oppressive tactics of the War on Drugs, including:
At a special conference held at the Stanford University's Hoover Institute in early 1993 these signatories produced, with others added later, a resolution calling for an open and objective fact-finding commission, and for an early end to the war against Americans, the prohibition of drugs. This resolution has drawn significant support from Americans of differing political affiliations. Over 2200 signatures have been obtained by early 1994. A number of "local government officials" across the nation are expected to add their signatures and support in the comming weeks. Congressman Don Edwards (D-CA) has introduced HR3100 calling for this commission on inquiry.

You can play a key part in this process. It will take very little of your time. All you need do is to let your government officials know that this resolution has strong popular support among the general public. To do this each of US, ONCE EACH MONTH will send a copy of the "Resolution for Peace" to President Clinton, your Congressperson and your two Senators.

When you participate and help to spread the word and the Resolution, be sure to use "END THE DRUG WAR" stamps on the front and back of the envelope. When politicians see mailbags full of envelopes with these stamps, they will know the time has come for a change. These stamps will energize the push for victory just as the "REPEAL STAMPS" from the 1930's helped bring down Alcohol Prohibition. It is all up to you and yours.

Sign the RESOLUTION FOR PEACE. Then make it a "chain resolution" to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. It will take all of them!! They will all need to send copies to Washington. Keep sending copies each month "for the duration" of this war on our children. SEND COPIES OF THE RESOLUTION:
Order your stamps today! Each day delayed means more lost lives, hopes and resources. Start a "Chain Resolution For Peace" on your block, in your home, at the office today. For sheets of 30 stamps, send $5, 3 sheets for $10, T-shirts $18, Buttons and Stickers $2 each. Remit to:

Save Our Liberties, 187 Acalanes Dr., #14, Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5520, (415) 964-3655