Cosmic Bongout

Note: The following document is provided for informational purposes only. It is meant to illustrate the depravity of the practitioners of the ritual described therein. Its distribution is not a statement by its distributors that they support or condone the activities described therein. The distributors are well aware that anyone who uses or has ever used drugs of any kind, including alcohol, should be immediately executed for their sins against God and the State. This is also true of those who have advocated the use of drugs or alcohol; for example, a particularly unrelenting and popular pusher is the Pope. "Blood of the Christ," indeed. Somebody ought to invade Vatican City and arrest that man.

The latest unofficial rule supplement for Cosmic Wimpout


"The game of choice for substance abusers."

Necessary equipment:


Originally, this supplementary set of rules was developed for use with Marijuana and a water pipe (bong). However, as time passed, other drugs became popular and the rules still seemed to apply. However, the name is considered a "catchy phrase" and has been retained, irrespective of the involved substances.

Notes on substances of choice:

Some substances are better than others for use with this game. The more appealing substances are those with a high LD50 [for obvious reasons]. Another important consideration is speed of onset of effect. Too long an onset time seems to make the game pointless. An ideal onset time is the time until just after your next turn. Thus, LSD is a bad choice. The intensity of effect is also important. The game will dissolve if the drug is too intense. A good marker is whether you can figure out how to take your next turn -- or whether you can even remember that you are playing a game. This consideration pretty much rules out DMT. The following substances are recommended: marijuana, alcohol, N2O or ether (WARNING: *low* LD50), cocaine, and dried banana peels. In addition, it is very strongly recommended that all players be using the same drug.


The object of the game is to partake of as much of your chosen substance as possible, within the bounds of sanity and safety.


Before adding the following rules, insure that the standard rules are understood and agreed upon. Also, insure that the ambiguities in the standard rules have been ironed out, or at least some method of deciding outcomes of ambiguous situations is understood -- later in the game this sort of thing might be more difficult.

Have the controlled substance prepared in such a way as to minimize the time delay involved in introducing it to your brain when you earn the opportunity to partake. For example, if you are using joints, have them rolled before the game starts.

Choose values for the variables o and n found in the rules below. For a game using marijuana with a bong, suggested values are 500 and 100 respectively.


Optional Rules:

* Definition of hit: One hit is one instance of imbibing the relevant substance. This may mean one shot of whisky, one inhalation from a bong, or whatever else the players may want it to mean. In general, it is better that the actual amount of a hit not be too defined. That allows very large hits to be taken at the beginning, and very small toward the end.

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It's more than an experience, it's a game!

From: (Andrew Gerber)
Subject: Re: Cosmic Wimpout rules supplement

"The November Contest", or "The Bong Game" has been played on various East Campus and Senior House floors for over 10 years now. Basically, every night in November at Midnight (starting the night of Haloween) a similar game has been played with ordinary dice.

Elaborate statistics are tallied (this being MIT) and monthly ranking are posted; over the last couple of years the month winner has won with ~700 hits on the month.

The rules are simple; roll five dice.

You can continue rolling as long as some dice in your last roll score. If all 5 dice score you must pick them up and roll again. Your score accrues from roll to roll.

Three of a kind is 100 * the die (except for 3 1's, which is 1000); single 5's are 50 and single 1's are 100). 5 ones is 5000. Games are played to 5000 points, with a hit every 1000 points.

The first person to go over 5000 "win", but then everyone gets one last roll to attempt a "come from behind". So in most games, everyone gets up near 4950, and waits until they get a huge roll or until someone goes out, and attempts to beat their roll. A normal win is worth 2 extra hits, a come from behind is worth 5.

Documents in hand of some MIT student attest to the fact that this game has been played since 1978. It originated on 4th West East Campus; moved to 5th West East Campus in Nov 1984 (my first year on the hall) and remained there through November 1988. In the past year, with the terminal dullness of 5W, it moved between 5E and somewhere in Senior House.