A performance you should see if you can

Paulo H. (cp212ph@hotmail.com)
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 09:41:45 PST

I don't make recommendations very often, but last night I saw FROM
NOW ON, a performance by Lisbon-based choreographer/performance
artist Paulo Henrique that I think deserves a bigger audience. Paulo
is performing as part of SplitStream at Dance Theater Workshop, 219
W. 19th Street.

Remaining performances are Sunday December 6 at 3:00, and Thurs-Fri
December 10-11 at 8:00. (212) 924-0077. I hope you can go to see it.

The piece is one of the stronger uses of video and technology in a
live performance that I have seen. The piece has a seamless, rigorous
quality that is very mysterious, intimate and personal, yet very
formally satisfying. It is of a quality and focus that I don't see
very often.

I also don't often see this kind of work being done so
successfully. I hope you can catch it.

Jeff McMahon

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