by Tom Coffin
                   Joe's Movement Emporium
                  Friday, March 15, 2002 from 7-9
	          pictures from the opening

I would like to invite you and all of your friends to
a very special opening of paintings at Joe's Movement Emporium
in Mt. Rainier Md. Friday March 15th, 2002 from 7-9 hosted by the World 
Arts Focus. At Joe's Movement Emporium, I currently have on exhibit 
two large paintings on burlap ripe with symbol and energy. 
It is my intention that through dancing with these yantric images, 
peaceful and loving feelings will come to everyone.

Joe's Movement Emporium is the coolest place I have found in
DC and the energy which comes from the people and programs
is at a very high level. So... even if you miss my art reception
I encourage you to check Joe's out:

   Joe's Movement Emporium
   World Arts Focus
   3802 - 34th Street
   Mt. Rainier MD 20712 
   tel: 301.699.1819

Artist's Statement:
These two paintings have a history (in other words they have 
been hanging out in my attic for a while now.) Their most prestigious 
viewing until today at Joe's Movement Emporium was in 1992 
were they appeared at the John David Mooney Foundation in 
Chicago, Illinois for my Laredo Taft Prize Exhibition. The origins 
of these two paintings are from south of here in Durham, North 
Carolina where I held a studio for a quick 6 months at the 
Venerable Building. The Venerable was an old tobacco plant 
converted into artist studios and miscellaneous ventures. One of 
these ventures was a coffee roasting place. They would receive bag 
upon bag of coffee beans from all over the world. These burlap 
bags were strewn about all over the place and essentially 
being thrown out. The burlap material had such an interesting textural 
quality that I couldn't help but collect many of the bags for 
artistic pursuits.  This rough texture provided exactly the hot 
quality I was looking for to hold my cold geometric imagery. The 
imagery, stemming from countless studies on the computer, really 
enjoys the freedom that these rough textures provide. Playing on 
the interaction and play of opposites has always been a theme 
in my work if not life. These paintings reflect that interplay through 
the materials techniques and images involved. I hope you all enjoy 
looking at and dancing with these images. I hope that the energies 
you make together create a life force which brings peaceful and 
loving feelings to everyone. 

Thank you, Joe's, for letting me hang my hat here.
Tom Coffin