Pass It On - Live in Boulder, CO

Recorded live in June 2010 at Immersive Studios in Boulder, Colorado, includes a new song "Pass It On" which is getting a great response from listeners all over the country. This live recording captures the beauty and depth of the sound of Four Shillings Short in concert.

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Pass It On
Track Title Origin Time mp3 sample
1. Heel and Toe Trad 4:00
2. Turning Away  Dougie McLean 3:33  
3. Raga Ali Kalyan Original 8:39


4. A   Samhain Wish Michael Hough 3:33  
5. A Skin Too Thin Jez Lowe 3:32


6. Tempest Set  Trad 5:46
7. Auld Lang Syne  Robert Burns 4:20
8. Nonesuch Trad 2:07
9. Pass It On  Original 4:14 sample
10. Raga Megh/In Praise of the Earth Trad/ O'Donohue 7:31  
11. Leprechaun Stew  Don Downing 5:04