Unspent the time.
And we shall see.
        I was in Esme(e)'s room. 1 chamber which belonged to her, was redolent with remembering her. I sifted wardrobes, chests, boxes; selected 1 garment suitable from shirts, vests, gowns, cloaks, caps, pantaloons. You will know when you see it. 
        Esme(e) believed she could effect with enough of time discovered or created so ultimately assisted time with her substance a manifestation undeniable and pure passage 
as Esme(e) was pure intent. 


        I walked near the meadow. 
        There I espied the women, bent my path to theirs. I placed my hand a moment too fleet for rest on Violet's hair. Rose flung an orange at me; Elaine was critical of my catch. 
        The meadow grass grew up. 
        The sheltering trees enclasped. 
A signature. 
We seek a signature 
of her. 
        A wing 
        never stops, 
        is always 
        the same 
        the same 
All our tears have fled the sea and we have reached the sky; 
then we will sail away 
and see each other 
no more at all 
Remember me 
in the hours