Elaine glided, sat weightlessly upon the stool as if it had been an eglantine flower and took the harpsichord like a mount she governed the quills so well, knew so much more than even the traveled old ivory.
        Rose watching her over the borders of canvas gripping colored sticks of chalk could not tell exactly when the music 1st reached her or when music 1st touched her.
Unspent the sums of me and thee
unraveled yet our days
and time
to be
a cherished gift
of wealth
by sea.
        Expanded world did offer and exchange spotted leopards and black jaguars in trees, marvelous gems, strange physick, and strains of perilous voice unknowable, tender, sweet, deadly expanded treasured world fabled, unmasked into unfathomable and fascinating
incurable strangeness.
        And how the sorrow of 1 hour will outbalance all the rest.
        Old tunes raised hackles, raised humor, raised hope, dissipated them. Around the world.
        The chimes of the ormolu clock marked time between tale and music and space between instrument and book. There were things it could not measure or identify.
        Carrie turned a page. "Esme(e) strolled regarding soldiers on furlough, maids, children with kittens and candied plums, flags and trumpets over the gates."