Accretions, accumulations. It could be added to. Beyond beyond beyond Esme(e) climbed the striped cone etched with rivulets of coral stone. Blackened spars of anciently trees pitiful sparse witnesses of little use how they leaned, broke, grew blind in such heat, dust, hot winds, weak light, light of furious but darkened fires, and Esme(e) continued up to the top, to as far as she could go, as far as anyone could go, farther than anyone had, she believed.
        Fists to hips and boots broad spread Esme(e) among the remnants of black ruin on the edge of the desolate cone looking out over sea of molten pewter to the floating mountains charcoal and silver, to the volcanos boiling there in liquid lake and plate-like sky and in Esme(e)'s eye was all reflected and lasting in her eye was all become different for as she stared and stared and stared mountains sank, new mountains rose and burned and boiled, the sky itself began to burn like banners of the final ending but Esme(e) knew more, believed more, and all mountains sank, the flaming volcano burned on and on in the molten metal lake on, on, but Esme(e) believed more in a spirit which did not need hope or meaning
but only itself to believe more.
        Esme(e)'s eyes were wide and silver.
        Esme(e) motionless remained.
        Longer than the lake could measure and the sky preclude.
        Pewter lake, armored sky, clear and shining took the light, the fiery, smoky, molten light and from beneath the liquid skin pressed a black and potent shape.
        It rose, it rose, higher, and opalescent metal in tumbling droplets plummeted from it to rejoin the mass. It rose, a black bull's head rose through parting pewter iridescent, retreating, the large dark eye took up reflections of the burning sky and lost them in its inward flame.
        He set his eye on Emse(e).
        Esme(e) fell back and leaned against the broken trees and closed her eyes and sank and felt the burning trembling beneath the crust.
        "There," she whispered. "It has changed."