Elaine bright-eyed smoothly spun to face them, "We will see many things. We have.
There is no treasure as great as we 2 together for together we may see all and see all within. All the realms open for us and are blending and conspiring. We walk upon a seashore through gleaming sands and through grasses which rush and whisper to us and across barren rocks whose record of lichen boldly hued is like the runes of illustrious time and they speak to us, the gulls and terns speak to us, the gyrfalcons call to us as we row island to island searching for unconformities and finding them in sea lions and truffles as we course southward through the virtuous and voluptuous sea. Can 1 be both? The sea can. Haggerty can. Her mind is a beacon, her heart encompassing, her hands small and quick, and Haggerty, Haggerty, is herself small and quick and persistent and compassionate and never relinquishes and never stops and never bends where right is in the balance. Haggerty has a balance in her person and in her study. It's an old balance. It was her stepfather's."
        I waited.
        In the meadow I waited for the wing to stop.