"They are so full and potent the sounds of them the roar and, too, the whisper of the meaning of all life. People seek them for this reason like an oracle they offer mysteries with answers and significance to existence. We will go, Haggerty and I, and view the Falls above the mountain lake whose sky is deep cold cobalt blue whose winds are cutting and fresh
and slice all hesitation and haze from within our minds and within our souls and spirits the lake and its full costume will dance without movement wend and coil without sound yet there are always movements and sounds. That is part, but only part, of the mysteries, the wonders, of the Falls so great and old. High falcons dance with 1 another above the silver Falls and their cries become the longing and the victory of us all. We will go and become the Falls. That is what Haggerty says. Become the Falls. Is she referring to the leap of faith?" Elaine giddy, "I don't know, 1 never knows with Haggerty but that is just 1 jewel of her, 1 jewel within her."
        Do you see it? The wing.
        I wished to call to them sitting there listening rapt, attentively to Elaine, lost within her happiness. Had they forgotten? Could they not see? Why couldn't they feel it?
        The wing grew, beating, grew larger, and began to whip the trees at the edges of the meadow.
        They ignored it.
        They did not see it.
        Elaine had pirouetted into another sweet blossom and had taken them with her.
        I went, suffocating, silent.
        I went, desiring.
        I could not leave them. I could not abandon them.