"Where is Vettra?" I asked, swallowing and taking another roll.
        "She was called to an emergency procedure. As I was by then awake," she said alluding to Vettra's noisy departures, "I decided to use this quiet time to get through the annual report."
        "Your quiet time has gone."
        "No dismay here," she remarked.
  "Gallett," I said, and at my voice she grew sober.
        "Mage? What is it?"
        "I have come to possess a certain knowledge. I cannot be absolute about it but I feel certain. Every Qargan mix is surely different."
        Gallett had not expected this. It startled her but she said only, "As no 2 however close genetically are not the same."
        "I wish to attempt something with Prescott. For her. Is she here?"
        "Yes, she is asleep in her room. Upstairs."
        "I should properly discuss this with Vettra 1st but I think I must do it at the 1st opportunity."
        Gallett frowned sharply. "Is Prescott in danger?"
        "It is not that. I don't know if I will be able to do it. I must do it quickly. In fact, I don't know that I can face Vettra and tell her. Curious as it may seem to you I think I prefer to face her after even though I think she will not like it."
        "She does not like most people doing anything without telling her 1st," Gallett said to ease me.
        "I will wait on the terrace. When Prescott has eaten, will you call me? I think it must be done here, not anywhere public. Here would be best. But if you do not wish it---"
        Gallett stopped me with her hand. "How could I not? I will call you."