Gallett too considered the construct as though it might inform her. "Well...." 
        Ince stiffened instantly. "What did they find? Gallett?" 
        "What do you mean?" 
        "What stopped them? What did they find down there?" 
        Gallett was perplexed. "They've stopped a few times when the drill beam matrix shattered but the prolonged delays have been due to difficulty acquiring and retaining adequate crews." 
        "Aren't they paid standard? They must be." 
        "Yes, and more than standard, and offered a bonus." 
        Ince lifted a brow. 
        "They won't say, mage. They fade away. If we manage to catch 1 leaving she says nothing except she couldn't be paid enough to descend again. I've gone down several times and have seen and heard nothing. Sensed nothing. The committee has ordered innumerable tests, which are also time consuming. Last year they called in a senser but she could tell them nothing. We were, at the time Kyd arrived, testing again with the team of scientists and engineers which was taken hostage." 
        "Which won't help the image." 
        "No. But they had found nothing, either." 
        "They did not finish. They may not have been allowed." 
        "Yes, that's possible. Maybe Kyd was paid for that. To interrupt." 
        "No 1 wants to work here," Ince ruminated, frowning at the ground. 
        "That's right." 
        "They must have found something. Disturbed something. There must be something there." Ince's voice dropped and she turned away from us to face the supports and the shaft entrance within them. Gallett and I exchanged a wary look.