“The message is directed to a Rider Ehns and is from a Governor House or a government....center, I guess. The message is from a lot not on our index, but the direction of relays is through Gamedon. Due to my persistence when hiring you you mentioned coming from that direction. The full message has been boosted to the com station on Gamedon and, naturally, can’t be relayed any further in this direction. 
        "I am sorry to intrude upon you if this message means absolutely nothing to you. I’ve no justification, merely a feeling. I hope you are well. Dob gone.” 
        She vanished and I sat in the darkened mount. 
        It was several days to Gamedon where there might or might not be a message from Gallett. If it were a message directed to Rider Ince from Government House in Mirhveda City it would have been relayed through the outer settlements and beacons and could have been carried on by ship to Gamedon. Couriers brought on their listings from final relay beacons. By transferring the listings to the com cores at places such as Gamedon they boosted the range of many types of communications private and public. 
        It was a 4 day carc journey to Gamedon if I pushed it as much as I dared to, more than I should. 
         I returned to Bartholomea’s with the wind shoving at me from behind. The storm was nearly here. Eoeun would whisper about the border lines. Storms always affected the line fields. Perhaps I would be in them.