A vast dense fractal structure the lines of difference spread outward from the arena in stone. I could feel them moving, feel their power and their resonance and their growth. The substance of this planetary rock could not endure it but would be shattered and collapse down into the center. 
        The lines of difference were being generated by the aggregating dissonance of the source lines. They required release.
        I did not know how long I had to attempt to effect a change.
        I could not get through the crack and into the arena with Fion before me. I could have pushed her through but then I could not avoid taking the Progenitor out 1st. And that I would not do.
        That is what I told myself then.
        Later, I was not entirely certain.
        I may have resolved to remove Fion. She was a rider, after all. She would be rare. Within her I sensed the seed of such a rider as I could not let die.