August 2001:

Through the peek hole:
selected views of
Arcade construction

Strictly speaking:

a note on contents

What lies within is a multimedia project separated into pieces. You'll see the construction of its many parts and their assembly into a whole comprised of 2D and 3D images, animations, movies, audio, and a variety of design features browsers are capable of.
If you haven't a clue how 3D images and animations are created, or how sound is added, or how little windows pop up from your browser, venture to look through the hole in the fence. If you've always wanted to create multimedia but don't know how or where to start, slip through the hole. If you've known all about multimedia since before you were born, come in anyway and have some fun.
After construction, the Dysfunctional Arcade will be open and interactive, providing a wealth of free entertainment: games, music, stories, downloadable skins and interfaces and much more.

What goes round comes round.
What comes round goes round.
Information wants to be round.


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