Wowie. Here's what I saw from the tier second from the top, a view down through a central opening to the dark red floor. There is an under, too, which collapses quickly into that little tail you can see in the shaded model. I'll try to get you a look into the under after I explore it. Directly ahead you can see the cone that descends from the ceiling center. It's loaded with electronics, mainly sensors, and cameras.

central Exchange high view

The feel of this huge main DysArc node is one of cool sleek metal. But it can take on other hues, a trait found everywhere in the DysArc that was disconcerting at first, especially when I was so uncertain of where I was, whether I was circling, had been here before, etc, but it soon became intriguing. Take a look at another version.
Even with all these changes, though, these colors and textures you see are only what was here. I expect I will change them to suit me, and hopefully most of you too, because they'll emphasize the openings into all the DysArc rooms and specialty areas, and you'll be able to see how that's done.

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