You see the doorway where I took the preceding shot. I'm up on the mezzanine, in the back right corner. This blue material is sleek like stone, but with a faint raised texture to the pattern and it is able to grow the blue cylindrical tables you see on the right. I know because there was only one and then I dropped an old mustard container and it disintegrated. From that accident the other tables grew up out of the blue. Truth is stranger than condiments.

cafe interior

On the left side there must have been stools because the little ledge-like bar is still there. Maybe if I spill something else I can grow stools. And tables and chairs for the main floor and its many levels. The tall textured boxes you see are platforms which held tables. I see no marks of steps so they must have floated down to load customers and then floated back up. Can't you just see a bad day when there was a crumb in the points? Platforms slamming up and down and soup and burgers all over the walls, and other things.

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