If I were you I'd be interested in these teeth, and for other reasons than the fact that we might just be bite size. How were they formed? How did they get that nice polish? (And who polished them, but that's a different story.) I'll have to do something about the bottom row, they're a disaster of neglect, but I wanted you to see the difference first, and know how that difference occurred.
And while we're delving, you might as well see the room's meshes if you haven't already.


Got Teeth? side view

These working (or residual, in the DysArc's case) textures aren't bad. They serve to distinguish parts of the room from one another. They indicate possibilities. I can't deny that's useful. But they're not exactly what I want. A lot of changes and refinements will be going on throughout the DysArc as I add details and emphasize with color, texture, and lighting.