One Hundred Little Portlands

Street corners. Fire hydrants. Is that a Tardis? Protesters hanging from a bridge. Troll's-eye view. Paul Bunyan's shoes. Fixing a stained glass window. Idyllic boathouse. What would Naked Bob Ross do?

Vintage stores in cornflower blue. The Gas Building is gone now. So is the Alhambra. Centennial Mills is going away. But there are two new bridges. Dalek at Maker Faire. Tiny horses! Four-way bubbler. Otto's. Warm afternoon light glinting off a food cart. Is that reservoir building actually a house? Carpet selfies! Sunlit headstones -- real and fake. Rainy day strip club reflections. Dappled marble columns downtown.

It's the little things that make a city. One Hundred Little Portlands.